Ikigai Franchise Details

Ikigai is the flagship franchise offering of Lucky Cup Beverage Trading. Since June 2020, Ikigai has been trusted by more than 100 franchisees nationwide and keeps growing. Helping more Filipino families achieve their financial goals.

Ikigai was founded amidst the pandemic with the goal of providing an opportunity to help Filipinos make their dream of becoming an entrepreneur come true.

Ikigai stands out because of its premium Japanese milk tea variants. It boasts its carefully crafted Japanese milk tea recipes that only use high-end ingredients; making every cup an experience for everyone.

Ikigai STORE Franchise Package

Ikigai CART Franchise Package

Why Franchise Ikigai?

Aside from all the inclusions mentioned in the image, once you invest with Ikigai, you can also take advantage of the following benefits as listed below:

  • ZNo Royalty Fee
  • ZLifetime Ownership
  • ZFree Business Mentoring
  • ZLifetime Franchise Monitoring
  • ZOur Supplies are High-End and Authentic
  • ZWe Have a Unique Approach
  • ZFast Return of Investment

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Success Stories

When the pandemic broke out last year, many people became jobless leaving them unsure of whether they still have jobs to go back to. This sudden twist of events also affected Ms. Jo which led her to the idea of building a franchising business to help not only herself and her family but also other fellow Filipinos who are affected by the pandemic.

Shortly after launching Ikigai Japan’s Fresh Premium Milk Tea, people trusted the brand and in no time they have earned back the initial investment they risked.

There’s one franchisee whose husband works abroad and is bound to go back home. Luckily, they decided to franchise Ikigai because the earnings of their franchise business can now sustain the cost of living of the family.

There’s nothing wrong with starting small. A tree didn’t just become a tree. It started from a seed that eventually grew to become a healthy fruit-bearing tree.

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About Lucky Cup Beverage Trading

We are a direct distributor of Milk Tea supplies, Chicken Wings supplies and equipment from Taiwan.

We aim to teach and encourage Filipinos to be an entrepreneur and earn at their own pace to maximize their time.


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